How to Quit Smoking Weed

How to quit smoking Weed is an informational site on quitting weed, marijuana dependence and marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Reasons to stop smoking Weed are not quite clear. More often Sites like this push for One product, but here all guides and productsa have been proven perfect for many.

There is nothing wrong with discerning  grownups wishing to smoke weed a  little bit every now and then.

Now ,what is harmful?  is smoking weed regularly every day, number of  times a day, or even alternate day. Persistent, chronic weed use harmful mentally , it clouds your brain, destroys your life force, and put an end to your ambitions.


How to quit smoking weed

     Artists, celebrities and high potential individuals are oftenquit smoking weed susceptible to weed / marijuana dependence.  Want to, think deep thoughts and be creative?  Smoke some marijuana / weed.  Sounding familiar isn’t it?

Weed also makes everything taste, sound, look, feel and smell better.

Even so, after some period it begins to have the exactly opposite of its intentional effect but you carry on smoking weed just to not be depressed or feel normal.

It is a nasty cycle.

If you are ready to fasten your seat belts in journey of

stop smoking weed

A thinking Called Marijuana Dependence

It is a equally popular belief that “marijuana is not addictive”.  You are probably believing, this yourself for a very long duration but now maybe you are finally starting to think otherwise.

Here are some points which may help  for what you are going through right now:

Research by the NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), shows that 9% of spare time users develop marijuana dependence. If you have started smoking weed as a teenager, then the percentage jumps up to 17%.

As we all know, weed is the most popular drug, converting these percentages shows an estimated 2.7 million individuals just in the U.S.A who struggling with marijuana dependency.

Some conspiracy makers will argue that this is inconsistent research issued by the government totally aiming to discourage people from smoking Marijuana. In order to make them quit smoking weed.

OK, fine.  Let us figure on calculation:

Averagely 1000 people per day google the internet with words like “how to stop smoking weed” OR “how to quit smoking weed” Or any other many.

That is 30000 people per month looking for a way out to marijuana dependency.

So, it is pretty obvious you are not alone looking for solution and this is a real problem for really more number of people.


SOLUTION :                                             quit smoking weedquit smoking weed


ONE GOAL : How to Quit Smoking Weed

Now let me introduce myself, my name is Arushi Thomas.  I’m not a psychiatrist, doctor, psychologist, or trained addiction professional.  I am just a girl who used to have a friend who smoke weed way too much.  I started this blog site after going through suffering of losing friend  and I started smoking weed so I can know quest to get control of the weed habit.

How to Quit Smoking Weed Successfully

What I am doing here is to go through all the different tactics in order to help in quitting weed I have investigated myself and scrutinized all facts and then only I am sharing with you this self-guided program I actually have quitted smoking weed successfully after 13 years of regular solid to quit smoking-weed

As we all know marijuana is illegal in many of the places, I would like to tell readers that nothing I am writing on this site or any image should be construed to mean that I tolerate breaking the law.  But along with these statements , I will also state I believe that marijuana should be legal on the same basis that alcohol is legal.

This is just a spot for helping people in quit smoking weed or overcome marijuana dependence and living on with a better life.

So, basically, to quit weed  we have some options like :

how to quit weed

Will Power and Quitting Weed

Will Power

Chances of this are, you have ended up on this site because you already have tried your will power with no benefits.  The longer you have smoked marijuana, then your will power by itself is not going to help you in quitting weed and want to know why:  the psychological & physical marijuana withdrawal symptoms.quit smoking weed

THC is deposited in your body’s fat cells and it is slowly released back into the bloodstream which means you are still getting small doses of THC for few days or even few weeks after your smoked last.

For some individuals, it seems they feel like “something is missing or blank” and you desire the full effect.  For others, their body rebels with powerful cravings and intolerable side effects.   Either way, this is the main cause , which makes “will power does not work “.

While Will power, will play its part in the process of quitting weed, it will be effective only once you have an well informed strategy for dealing with these marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

how to quit weed

How to Quit Smoking Weed: Rehab

Getting admission into a rehabilitation centre requires a serious time and financial commitment.  Your life goes on hold in rehab centre but for good cause if you’ve a life threatening addiction to weed, alcohol or to hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine etc.quit smoking weed

So is rehab clinic necessary for marijuana dependence?

Usually not.  Marijuana does not have quality of life threatening level of stronger drugs and chronic marijuana users, while they ruin their potential, still get through daily life routines reasonably well.  And also to note in the case of marijuana, rehab clinic is an option when all other options fails.

how to quit weed

How to Quit Smoking Weed: Medical Treatment

Seeking help from a doctor for marijuana dependence should be a viable way out but that’s what you think unfortunately it may be a mixed bag of possiblities .  Marijuana dependence is still a fairly misunderstood concept for even in the medical professionals.

quit smoking weedSome doctors will understand exactly and may suggests a medical treatment of some sort even though there is presently no FDA approved drug is there precisely for marijuana dependence (apparently some drugs are being tested).  The most Experts and doctors will also recommend some sort of marijuana dependence counseling.

Just be alert that there are still number of old school doctors who might not take you seriously, or may be worse, be judgmental or dismissive.

how to quit weed

Quitting weed and Psychotherapy Addiction Counseling

Psychotherapy i.e. talk therapy from a psychologist, psychiatrist or quit smoking weedlicensed clinical social worker is a really good way to deal with marijuana dependence or any additional issues.  A expert counselor can help you in sorting out all sorts of your  life’s problems and oftentimes it is the core issues that cause one to become marijuana dependence.

However, like rehab centre, counseling requires a substantial time and financial commitment so u wont get affected later or a good health insurance.  Also, counselors, like doctors, have different opinions on marijuana dependence.  You just be well informed of this when choosing a therapist with review.